The 1975

23 Apr 2014

As The 1975 have become my new favourite band I wanted to create a woman's capsular collection inspired by their monacrome look. I love how there style is so simple and revolves around a lot of the staple items most people have in their wardrobe. 

I hope you enjoy it 


Ps if you haven't already go check out their music, you can thank me later. 

Most played albums

19 Apr 2014

It's time to get to know me better 


The 1975 - These boys are my newest love and obsession. Matty (the leade singer) has the most amazing voice and their sound is everything I love. What makes me love this band even more is that they are from my home town. 

Paloma Faith - Not only is she beautiful but her voice is incredible. This album is always a go to for long train journeys. My favourite song off this album is Just Be. I've recently bought her new album for my mum so I need to get that on my iTunes and give it a listen. 

Lana Del Rey - I downloaded this album at about 1am one night and fell in love with listening to it in the dark. Again her voice is to die for and she is another beautiful lady. 

Ellie Goulding - everything Ellie does I love. She is my all time favourite, it is my goal to see her live. There is nothing more to say other then I love her. 

James Blake - I first heard this album in my dad's car and I instantly loved it. I love the randomness of how he puts his songs together. This is the album I used to listen to everyday at uni while I did my work, it really gets my creativity going. Is an unusual album but give it a listen. 

Ed Sheeran - who doesn't love Ed? This album is incredible. I can't wait to here his new album. 

Hurts - This is another band which was introduced to me by my father. They are such cool guys, and there music is amazing. 

Lorde - My dad wanted this album for Christmas so I bought it and I also got this digital version off of amazon. My goodness it's is an amazing album. I also recommend everyone takes a listen. 

I hope this has given a little incite into my music tastes. 

What are your favourite albums? 


Miley cyrus ....

5 Apr 2014

I really enjoy creating these celebrity inspired looks. 
Who should I do next?  

Pixie Lott ....

15 Jan 2014

In Honor of Pixie Lott coming back into the lime light after what seams like FOREVER and releasing her new single "Nasty" i have put together these look-a-like outfits inspired by pixie herself.  


Little Mix .....

11 Nov 2013


Lana Del Rey .....

13 Sep 2013

I am a huge fan of Lana Del Rey, I think she is beautiful and I love her style. 
What do you think of Lans's style? 


Ellie Goulding inspiration ......

28 Jul 2013

I really enjoyed the blog post i did about Demi Lovato (which you can see here) I enjoyed it so much i thought i would put some outfit looks together based on a few images of Ellie Goulding - who i am loving right now 

I Love this new Ellie Goulding song "Burn" .... What do you think?